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Yuanita Christiani Presenter Take Me Out Indosiar

Yuanita Christiani or usually called Nita, born in Indonsia, 14 April 1986, is a Chinese Indonesia actress, TV Host, presenter and model. Still at young age, Yuanita has already hosted so many entertainment program like as MC, presenter, advertising model, and actress.

Christiani Yuanita first appeared on TV in 2005 when he became the presenter of the show “Abis makeovers” in TransTV. Besides, he also became co-host the show “Dare Tukeran” on the same TV station. He also briefly appeared on Metro TV screen in the quiz show “December Berhadiah”, and in AstroTV in the event “Jakarta Night Out”.

He then started to go as a presenter on “Double Espresso” in 2006, and then had become the main presenter “Espresso” in 2007, until finally she became the presenter “Espresso Weekend” which lasted until today. Outside Espresso He also had a presenter quiz “AFC Asian Cup 2007″ interchangeably with Intan Erlita. In addition to the show “AFC Asian Cup 2007″ he also appeared in several other sporting events such as the “Liga Djarum Indonesia 2007″, and “GP” (as the presenter of the quiz) starting from 2007 till now.

Yuanita Christiani also sold as commercials. We have noted, which has 19 ads starring Nita. The main roles include an ad he found in Bank Niaga, Zinc Shampoo, and Cold Fresh Honey. While he got a supporting role in the ads, among others, Mie ABC, Pro XL, GT Man, and many more.

Began in June last, Yuanita accompanied Choky as co host on the show dating program Take Me Out Indonesia on Indosiar. Yuanita now also hosts in several Sport Program like Pronto, Djarum Super Calcio Quiz Trans7, TV One‘s Siaran Langsung Spanish La Liga, Highlight Liga Inggris.

I love Yuanita’s short hair more than her long hair. With her short hair, she looks more fresh, sexy, and smart.

Yuanita Christiani Profile :

Name: Yuanita Christiani
Birth place : Jakarta
Birth Date : 14 April 1986
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 47 kg
profession : Host, Model, Actress
Activities : Presenter at Espresso, MotoGP, Superbike, Koper dan Ransel and Take Me Out Indonesian

Yuanita Christiani Filmography and Activities :
* Permak Abis Trans TV
* Berani Tukeran Trans TV (co-host)

* Kuis Desember Berhadiah Metro TV
* MotoGames Trans 7
* Jakarta Night Out Astro TV
* Double Espresso ANTV (bertahan sampai tahun 2007)

* Asian Football Cup (AFC) 2007 Global TV
* Co-Host Liga Djarum Indonesia ANTV (co-host)
* Variety Show Gemerlap Batara ANTV
* Super Seru Birthday Global TV Global TV
* Espresso ANTV
* Espresso Weekend ANTV (bertahan sampai saat ini)
* Moto GP – Trans 7
* From Zero to Hero Trans7
* Seleb Dance Curhat ANTV
* Pronto, Djarum Super Calcio Quiz Trans7
* Hilite Il Grande Del Calcio Trans 7
* Highlight Otomotif Trans 7 (bertahan sampai saat ini)

* Live Report Speed Car Series – Trans 7
* Java Jazz Festival 2008 Indosiar
* Karaoke KO TVRI
* FIM Petronas Asian Grand Prix 2008 Trans 7
* MOTO GP Trans 7
* Djarum Black AutoBlackthrough Trans7
* Koper dan Ransel Trans TV (sampai saat ini)
* Highlight dan Preview Barclays Premier League TVone (sampai saat ini)
* E-gamers TVone

* 2004: DTREX The Movie
* 2005: Berbagi Suami

Yuanita Christiani foto Photo and Pictures collection :

Yuanita Christiani

Yuanita Christiani

Yuanita Christiani

Yuanita Christiani

Yuanita Christiani

Yuanita Christiani

Yuanita Christiani

Watch Yuanita Christiani on Bukan Empat Mata with Indah Kalalo and Cathrine Wilson on Trans TV Video here


Virnie Ismail Trans TV Extravaganza Sexy Host

Virnie Ismail is a beautiful and sexy girl from Bandung who got famous after appeared in Comedy Show Extravaganza aired on Trans TV. The show Extravaganza really got succeed because the funny and creative comedian like Mieke Amalia, VJ Cathy, Tike Priatna Kusuma, Tora Sudiro, and also Virnie Ismail.

Virnie Ismail alo starred in several Indonesia Sinetron such as Babe, Bulan Berkaca, Kabut Sutra Ungu, Si Toloy serta Jaka Gledek. In Film industry, Virnie Ismail had starred in Rembulan Di Ujung Dahan (2002) with actress Ira Wibowo, and Koper with Anjasmara, Maya Hasan, and Djenar Maesa Ayu.

Although Virnie Ismail always said to be lucky to have such a sexy body and beautiful face, but her love story didn’t end sweet like her face. Virnie Ismail ever gossiped with several actor or businessman like Surya Saputra, Aldi Bragi, but the lucky man now is Ferry Indra Yudha. Ferry and Virnie relationship can be said will be going to marriage in 2010.

Virnie Ismail hot and sexy performance also can be watched on Talk Show “Bedagang” aired on Trans 7 every monday till Friday on 11.30 PM. She hosts the show together with Ilow Ismail.

Photos of Virnie Ismail, hot and sexy :